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Images and Reports: Patient FAQs

  • The eRadiology Center serves patients and physicians with the management of radiology images.
  • The eRadiology Center is located in Nelson Basement B104 (located on the basement level of the bank of the visitor elevators located adjacent to the Wolfe Street entrance on the Main Loop).

  • We are open 24 hours Monday through Friday.  The eRadiology Service Center is closed Saturday and Sunday from 7:30am to 6:30pm”

  • Phone: 443-287-7378
    Fax: 443-769-1210
  • Your Johns Hopkins physician will need a copy of the images and the report. Your physician will submit a request to place the outside images into the Johns Hopkins Image Archive so that the images will be available to Johns Hopkins physicians. 
  • A Johns Hopkins radiologist will review your study and give a second radiology opinion, which will become a part of your medical record at Johns Hopkins. The report and images will be available to the physicians involved with your care at Johns Hopkins.
  • You will need to complete a health information release form. One copy of your images will be provided at no charge.
  • The radiology second opinion report will be available to you in MyChart after it has been finalized. You may also request a paper copy of the report.
  • We will notify the submitter that the disc is ready for pickup by email. If the disc is not retrieved within two weeks, it will be destroyed. We are able to provide a copy of images that were downloaded.
  • Patients can contact Radiology Billing at 410-735-6731
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