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Radiology Exam: Computed Tomography (CT or CAT) Scan

A computed tomography scan, commonly referred to as a CT scan, is a diagnostic medical imaging exam. CT uses X-rays to produce multiple detailed images of inside the body, including organs, blood vessels and other soft tissues.

CT scans may use a contrast agent to better visualize internal organs and tissues in the images. Contrast is typically given through an IV line or taken by mouth.

CT Scan: What You Need to Know

Radiology technologist preparing patient for CAT scan.
  • CT scans are used to help diagnose a range of conditions including infections, cancer, heart disease, internal injury, musculoskeletal disorders or gastrointestinal disease.
  • CT is also used as part of other radiology exams and procedures, such as a fluid or tissue biopsy, computer tomography angiography, virtual colonoscopy or PET/CT scans.
  • CT scans use a small amount of X-ray radiation to generate images. A patient's exam dose is customized to ensure the best possible image quality while minimizing radiation dose.
  • A CT scan can be safely performed if you have an implanted device, such as an insulin pump or pacemaker.

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Our diagnostic radiologists have subspecialty training in interpreting CT images of all areas of the body. Our state-of-the-art equipment and technology are combined with providing the highest level of patient care.

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CT scans may be done on an outpatient basis or as part of a hospital stay. CT exams are offered at all of our locations. To schedule an appointment, please call 443-997-7237.

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