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Molecular Radiation Sciences

The Division of Molecular Radiation Sciences (MRS) focuses on understanding the DNA damage response and repair pathways involved in human cancer. Researchers undertake studies to decipher how cells respond to genetic lesions, understand how the lesions on the DNA are being sensed and repaired, and examine how these pathways may be perturbed in cancer. 

The division was designed to bridge basic research, which may or may not translate into better patient care, and translational research, which will be used to improve patient care. The researchers’ goals are to:

  • Understand how these mechanisms have evolved to protect us from cancer
  • Harness this knowledge so that clinicians can use it to better diagnose and treat patients with cancer

Currently, MRS houses three laboratory-based research groups and is affiliated with several others that together integrate cancer biology, radiation physics, and patient-oriented research.

Find out more about MRS on the Molecular Radiation Sciences website.

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