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Conditions We Treat: Lymphoma and Myeloma

Radiation therapy may be used in a variety of ways to treat patients with lymphoma or myeloma. For example, radiation may be used as a primary therapy for either condition. For patients with myeloma, it may be used after surgery to prevent the disease from recurring or to stabilize a bone. Radiation may also be helpful if used after or along with chemotherapy as a definitive treatment or for pain relief. Backed by innovative research and integrated care, Johns Hopkins offers several treatment combinations, which may include radiation and immunotherapy, to fight lymphoma and myeloma.

Lymphoma and Myeloma: Why Choose Johns Hopkins

  • John Hopkins radiation oncologists use innovative radiation treatment approaches that include advanced technologies and expert decision-making processes.
  • Stephanie Terezakis, M.D., sits on several expert panels responsible for setting national guidelines for lymphoma treatment volumes. Dr. Terezakis is also among several internationally recognized oncologists at Johns Hopkins who specialize in hematologic malignancies and help set international guidelines for radiation oncology.
  • Johns Hopkins leads several efforts to increase precision in radiation therapy planning and delivery. For example, Dr. Terezakis completed a landmark study on how to integrate positron emission tomography (PET) scanning into radiation planning, increasing the accuracy of lymphoma staging and defining the radiation field.
  • Our leading-edge research and advanced clinical trials give qualifying patients access to immunotherapy drugs. These alternative therapies are especially important for cancer patients who are looking for alternative care options.
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Our Team of Lymphoma and Myeloma Specialists

Our radiation oncologists develop and deliver advanced treatment plans that target lymphoma and myeloma with exceptional precision.

Photo of Dr. Fariba Asrari, M.D.

Asrari, Fariba, M.D.

Director, Johns Hopkins Breast Center - Green Spring Station
Expertise, Disease and Conditions: Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Bladder Cancer, Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Endometrial Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Gynecologic Cancers, Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Medical Oncology, Melanoma, Metastatic Bone Disease, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Radiation Oncology, Rectal Cancer, Skin Cancer, Small Cell Lung Cancer, Squameous Cell Carcinoma, Testicular Cancer, Vulvar Cancer

Our Lymphoma and Myeloma Treatments

Our radiation oncologists use the following radiation therapies to treat lymphoma and myeloma:

Our Research

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  • Clinical Trials
    • In addition to studying immunotherapy, Johns Hopkins researchers are studying how radiation helps improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy. To treat lymphoma and myeloma, our medical oncologists are conducting clinical trials to study transplantation, immunotherapy and monoclonal antibody therapy. In the process, we are testing unique combinations of these drugs in conjunction with radiation therapy.
    • Johns Hopkins is among only a few select medical centers in the U.S. with access to immunotherapy drugs through the recently establishing Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Our researchers study these therapies to improve patient care and allow our patients to have access to these treatments. 

Our Locations

Johns Hopkins Hospital

With convenient locations throughout the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. region, we make it easy for you to get the radiation treatment you need to manage your lymphoma or myeloma.

  • The Johns Hopkins Hospital
  • Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
  • Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center - Green Spring Station
  • Johns Hopkins Health Care & Surgery Center - Bethesda
  • Sibley Memorial Hospital​

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