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Todd McNutt, PhD

Interests: Intensity-modulated radiotherapy treatment planning; Informatics; Image-guided radiotherapy; Radiation dose computation

Titles: Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology Physics; Director of Clinical Informatics

Schools\degrees: University of Wisconsin at Madison\PhD, Medical Physics; University of Colorado at Boulder\BA, Physics

Training: University of Wisconsin\ Resident Medical Physicist; Philips Healthcare, Radiation Oncology Systems\Director of Research and Advance Development

Clinical interests: The use of prior clinical patient data for improving the quality of care for new patients undergoing radiation therapy

Research summary: My primary research goal is to create a medical environment that allows us to measure how well we perform clinically for our patients.  This requires incorporating medical IT infrastructure into the clinical setting and using it to measure the patient experience and quantify it for analysis and trending and feedback.  In the last five years I have spent a great deal of effort integrating structured data collection into the clinical environment.  This involves establishing workflows and user and software interfaces that enable the clinician to interact with the patients with minimal interaction with the computer.  The primary focus of the work is to establish a database that allows efficient access to clinical data to look at toxicity and outcome trends and how they correlate with delivered radiation dosimetry.  We have also built a shape relationship-based model of patient similarity that allows us to look at prior radiation oncology patient treatment plans to determine the expected plan quality of a new patient.  This model is shared with the broader EMR database model in that we used a database of prior experience to guide the treatment course for new patients.  In addition, I have worked to accelerate the treatment planning process by automating planning techniques and developing a GPU-based dose computation algorithm for external beam radiation therapy. 

Prior to this recent experience, I spent eight years as director of research and advance development for the Philips Pinnacle radiation therapy planning system.  This industrial work was done in a commercial software development environment following the FDA quality system regulations for medical device manufacturing and taught me best practices in software development and design to meet customer and user interface requirements.

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