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John W. Wong, PhD

Phone number: (410) 502-1458


Interests: Advanced treatment technologies; Informatics for data sharing and decision support; Image guided pre-clinical radiation research

Titles: Professor; Director of Medical Physics

Schools\degrees: University of Toronto\PhD, Medical biophysics

Clinical interests: Adaptive radiation therapy; Methods of motion management in radiation therapy; Image and information guided radiation therapy

Research summary: My clinical research interests focus on the development advanced radiation treatment techniques to improve tumor eradication while minimizing radiation-induced toxicity.  I am on the invention team of the Active Breathing Control device to manage breathing motion during treatment, as well as Cone-beam CT (CBCT) with a flat panel imager on board a medical accelerator to facilitate CT guided radiation treatment.  More recently, I am exploring the use of on-board 3D ultrasound and CBCT as the surrogate imaging methods to bring multi-modality imaging information, such as MRI, to guide radiation treatment. 

In the informatics area, I am a co-principal investigator with Drs. McNutt and DeWeese in developing the multidisciplinary and multi-institutional “OncoSpace” informatics infra-structure to support data reuse and promote distributed data sharing for clinical research and decision making. 

In the laboratory, I have developed a unique small animal radiation research platform with CT imaging capability to support the translation of pre-clinical radiation research for human treatment.  The system is being enhanced to incorporate molecular-optical tomography to guide radiation and assess response.

Journal citations (selected from 120)

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