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Corporate Purchasing Code of Ethics

Purchasing and Materials Managers occupy a special position of trust and responsibility. In order to avoid the potential problems of unethical behavior, strict adherence to a sound Code of Ethics is required and practiced.  
Ethics demand that we, as employees of the Johns Hopkins Health System Corporate Purchasing and Materials Management Departments, who make or influence decisions for the Health Care System with complete fidelity to the institutions and respect the rights of others.  

The Corporate Purchasing Department subscribes to the following standards:

  • Strive to conduct all business with honesty, fairness, integrity and loyalty to the system and our profession.
  • Ethical behavior and processes are practiced consistently.
  • Conduct ourselves in such a manner as to merit the respect of our employer, co-workers and peers.
  • Refuse all gifts or gratuities and do not enter into any transactions resulting in our personal benefit.
  • Exercise skill and good judgement to obtain the maximum value for each dollar of expenditure.
  • Treat with discretion all information obtained in confidence.
  • Strive for standardization to reduce cost and further the development and methods of products that emphasize high quality, safety and effectiveness of patient care.   

Corporate Purchasing staff members will follow this Code of Ethics at all times and are required to sign a Conflict Of Interest statement.