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Through HopkinsLocal, Johns Hopkins will build on its existing community partnerships, projects and programs to sustain healthier, safer, and more vibrant communities.

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Under the HopkinsLocal initiative, the Purchasing Departments for the Johns Hopkins University and Health System have partnered to:

  • Increase spending by $6 million over the next three years with Baltimore City suppliers that provide a strong competitive offering in select categories. These categories include:
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Catering and Food Service
    • Facility Maintenance and Security
    • Furniture
    • IT Services and Consulting
    • Lab Supplies and Equipment
    • Office Supplies and Equipment
    • Photo and AV Equipment
    • Printing Reproduction Services
    • Professional Services
  • Work with suppliers outside of Baltimore City to include development plans in their contracts. These development plans will outline steps the company will take to support the city economy through hiring and sourcing, with the goal being to have 24 plans in place over three years.
  • Increase outreach to local, minority and women-owned businesses and engage them in the competitive bidding process.
  • Support the efforts of employees throughout the university and health system to make purchases from local vendors by providing a directory of pre-screened vendors.

Johns Hopkins Faculty and Staff

Access our Vendor Guide, which highlights local firms by spend category.

Baltimore City Businesses

Email to share your capabilities and request to meet with a member of the Purchasing team. The Johns Hopkins University and Health System Purchasing Teams have established the third Thursday morning of every month as a standard time to meet Baltimore City vendors.