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Mission Statement

Corporate Purchasing is empowered by the Board of Directors of the Johns Hopkins Health System via the President of the Johns Hopkins Health System. This authority to act as an agent of the Health System in procurement matters under the direction of the Vice President of General Services. 

Corporate Purchasing, as an agent for the Johns Hopkins Health System, is responsible for all bidding, contracting, negotiation and procurement of all supplies, equipment and services required for maintaining operations and effective patient care in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Further clarification:

  • supplies (defined as consumables, asset inventory, direct purchases, departmental supplies)
  • capital and minor equipment
  • leases and rentals
  • service contracts
  • parts and accessories and services

Corporate Purchasing is solely authorized to commit Health System funds for any purchase. 

Commitment for funds is accomplished by issuing a purchase order. Unauthorized requests and receipt of goods are not considered binding, nor will respective invoices be paid, without a corresponding purchase order and receiving report. JHHS employees will be personally liable for the unauthorized ordering, receiving and use of these items. 

Corporate Purchasing provides: 

  • Product Information
  • Market Information
  • Vendor Information
  • Pricing Information
  • Contract Administration, Management and Negotiations
  • Product Specification Development Assistance
  • Product Evaluation Assistance 

Additional Information: