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STATmed is the consulting arm of GlobalNCD, specializing in providing expert advice and technical services in epidemiological study design, biostatistical analysis, and clinical imaging for research.

It is our goal to assist you with the design, implementation, and analysis of your research, whatever it may be. Investigators of any experience level are welcome to visit us for a consultation and negotiate a plan of action.

Our team features MDs, PhDs, and MPH graduates from the Bloomberg School of Public Health and Johns Hopkins Medicine who have hands-on experience from research studies both domestically and around the world. We have been involved in every phase of health research from grant-writing through journal publications and we look forward to passing our experience and knowledge on to you.

To begin, submit the form below and we can set up a consultation free of charge. During the consultation, we will work with you to create a plan of action and discuss pricing strategies.

Study Design

We offer consultations and assistance with many aspects of research, including:

  • Study design (including population-based research)
  • Sample size calculations
  • Form or survey development
  • Data coordination
  • Data management
  • Digital Data Capture (including REDCap and Open Data Kit)

Biostatistical Analyses

We offer services and assistance for biostatistics, including:

  • Full biostatistical analyses (including longitudinal data analysis)
  • Publication-quality figures for manuscripts

Clinical Testing & Imaging

Planning a study with a clinical component? We offer training and clinical overreads for multiple health assessments, including:

  • Field-based spirometry
  • Field-based Bracheal Artery Reactivity Testing (BART-IMT)
  • Lung Ultrasounds

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