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About our Practice

The mission of our clinic is to provide excellent clinical care while seeking to better understand the causes, treatments, and best approaches for sarcoidosis.These goals remain the same since the Sarcoidosis Clinic at Johns Hopkins was initially established in 1961 by Dr. Carol Johns.

Our doctors all have extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of sarcoidosis, including its cardiac or neurologic complications. Additionally, Fellows and residents training at Johns Hopkins may see patients under the supervision of the Attending Staff of the Sarcoidosis Clinic.

Current research activities of the Sarcoidosis Clinic and research program include 1. studies of how the immune system functions in the development of sarcoidosis; 2. studies of the genes involved in sarcoidosis; 3. studies on how to best evaluate and treat sarcoidosis with a focus on difficult problems such as advanced lung disease or other organ involvement.

Scheduling an Appointment

To expedite your evaluation, please have all medical records, films and other correspondence sent to the Sarcoidosis Clinic Administrative Office (address below).

To schedule a new or returning patient appointment, to cancel or reschedule an appointment please call 410-550-LUNG (5864).

For other patient care questions, please call 410-550-7753.

New Patients:

New patient visits are taken by referral only. Please ask your physician to send a brief letter as well as medical records and information that is important for us to know regarding your condition. This information should include:

  • Summaries from all treating physicians and hospital discharge summaries
  • Recent laboratory results
  • Results of any biopsies related to your diagnosis of sarcoidosis
  • Radiology results
  • Pulmonary function test results

Due to the large number of patient referrals, the average wait time for new patient evaluations is approximately 3 months. Expedited appointments will be considered on an individual basis with priority given to patients who are clinically unstable. In some cases, we may suggest an initial appointment with our Adult General Pulmonary Clinic, which may accommodate new patients within 2-4 weeks.

On the day of your visit, we ask patients to bring the images (not just the written report) for any pertinent radiology imaging studies (such as chest x-rays, chest CT scans) with them to their clinic visit. These can be in the form of actual films or images stored on a CD ROM.



The Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center

Location: Fourth Floor
5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21224 - 6801

Phone: 410-550-2304
Fax: 410-550-8050

Administrative Offices

The Johns Hopkins Asthma and Allergy Center

Location: Second floor (entrance level)
5501 Hopkins Bayview Circle
Baltimore, Maryland 21224 - 6801

Phone: 410-550-7753
Fax: 410-550-2959

Clinic Staff

David R. Moller M.D.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Edward S. Chen M.D.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Stephen Schonfeld M.D.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Rebecca Robinson R.N.
Nurse coordinator