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Lung Transplantation

About our Practice

The Lung Transplantation clinic performs initial evaluations, follows patients on the transplant waiting list, and follows transplant recipients as outpatients and during hospitalizations. Lung transplantation at Hopkins began in 1983 when we performed our first heart-lung transplant. The Lung Transplant Program was formally established in 1998 and we have performed over 200 transplants. The two basic goals of the program are first, to provide outstanding clinical care and second, to generate new knowledge in the field through our research. We firmly believe that these goals complement each other and ultimately improve lung transplant recipient quality of life both at Johns Hopkins and the rest of the world.

The transplant team works with patients throughout their transplant experience. During evaluation, patients meet with these members of their transplant team: a transplant physician, surgeon, transplant nurse coordinator, social worker, psychologist, and nutritionist. This team provides care before, during, and after the transplant surgery. While in recovery from the transplant surgery, lung transplant patients are examined daily by their transplant pulmonologist, surgeon, lung transplant coordinator, and infectious disease specialist. After discharge, a team of advanced nurse practitioners are available for help 24 hours a day.

Scheduling an Appointment

To be evaluated for lung transplantation, you must call the lung transplant coordinator office at (410) 614-4508 to arrange for a medical appointment. You will be assigned a transplant nurse coordinator who will make sure that you have an evaluation appointment to meet with all members of the team.

Once patients are deemed good candidates for transplantation, the team adds the patient's name to the wait list. Patients must complete regular testing and remain in contact with their transplant coordinator during their wait for transplant. While awaiting transplantation, the team is available to answer your questions. They can also provide you with a list of education programs and a personal lung mentor to help answer your questions.


Clinic Address

Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

Location: 7th Floor – Adult Medicine
601 N. Caroline Street
Baltimore, MD  21287

Mailing Address

Johns Hopkins Comprehensive Transplant Center

Location: Adult Lung Transplant Program Office
600 N. Wolfe Street, Blalock 147
Baltimore, MD 21287

Lung Transplant Staff

Telephone Numbers
Administrative(410) 614-4508
Clinic Appointment(410) 614-4508
Nurse (8AM-4PM)(410) 614-4508
Fax(410) 614-7008
Page operator(410) 955-6070
 (ask for the pulmonary fellow on call)