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Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program

The Johns Hopkins Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, in conjunction with the Behavioral Medicine division and the Center for Mind Body Research, has ongoing studies of insomnia, chronic jaw pain/TMJD, knee osteoarthritis, and healthy, good sleepers. View the flyers below to learn more and call to start the enrollment process.

Volunteers Needed

Do you have jaw muscle pain?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ/TMD) Research. Researchers at Johns Hopkins are looking for female volunteers with TMJ/TMD pain to participate in a research study funded by the National Institutes of Health to investigate how sleep and unhelpful thoughts about TMD impact pain sensitivity and symptoms related to temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). You may be eligible if you: Are a female between 18-65 years of age, have had jaw muscle pain for 3 months or more, have sleep difficulties. Study Includes: A dental evaluation for TMJ/TMD, completing interviews and questionnaires, 2 ambulatory sleep studies that you can do in your own home, completing sensory testing procedures, 8 total study visits over 3 months and 1 telephone follow-up 3 months after completing the study. Earn up to $650.00. Please contact: Tafadzwa Amani at 410.550.8099. Click here for PDF flyer.
PI: Jennifer Haythornthwaite, Ph.D. (IRB Protocol: NA_00070364)

Good Sleepers Needed

Are you a good sleeper? VOLUNTEERS NEEDED for Sleep and Sensory Testing Research Study. Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine are looking for male and female volunteers to participate in a research study examining the effects of sleep on sensory abilities. To participate in this research study, you must be: Healthy and between the ages of 18-48. Research study includes: Initial phone screening, In-person medical screening, 1-week diary of sleep patterns at home, and some required overnight hospital stays. Compensation up to $1,250.00. For information, please call 410.550.7906. Click here for PDF Flyer.
PI: Michael T. Smith, Protocol: NA_00071465

Knee Osteoarthritis/Healthy Control

Healthy Volunteers are needed for a research study conducted at Johns Hopkins to study knee pain and sensory testing. To participate, you must be 45 years or older, have osteoarthritis of the knee with knee pain and have no other major health conditions. Parking, and tests are provided at no cost. Compensation is provided. Call 410.550.9056. Principal Investigator: Claudia Campbell (IRB Protocol # NA_00041113) Click here for PDF flyer.

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