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How to Request a Consultation at the Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic (EPIC)

To schedule a consultation call 410-955-5212 or contact Krista Baker, LCPC at

The Early Psychosis Invervention Clinic (EPIC) offers a one-time consultation appointment for adolescents and young adults suffering from recent onset psychosis, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorder and are looking for a second opinion on diagnosis, medication, and/or therapeutic treatments. The consultation consists of a clinical interview lasting approximately four hours with a licensed therapist and a psychiatrist. We accept some private insurances, medical assistance, and Medicare. It is important that you call us to have your insurance benefits verified. The consultation fee is required in full at the time of the visit if insurance is not compatible.

Before we can set up the appointment we will need typed records summarizing your current and past psychiatric treatment. The quality of the consultation is greatly enhanced by having a complete set of your psychiatric records. Once all the records are received, we will review those records to determine if this is the most appropriate clinic to meet your needs. Once final approval has been given, we will schedule an appointment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at (410) 550-0137.

  1. Have your current treating psychiatrist and therapist send a typed summary (NO handwritten progress notes) of your treatment, which should include diagnoses, adetailed account of medications used and responses to these medications, as well as a synopsis of psychotherapy and behavioral treatments. Please stress to your doctor not to send notes from individual sessions. We ask for a summary to give our doctors insight about your care which may not be communicated in progress notes. Doctors and therapists will need your written permission in order to release a summary to us. In most cases, we will make every attempt to speak directly to your current providers prior to the consultation appointment.

  2. Have summaries sent from previous treating psychiatrists and other mental health care providers. The more information we have about your care, the more helpful we can be.

  3. If you have ever been a patient in a psychiatric hospital, have copies of the physician admission summary and  full discharge summary faxed to us. Hospitals need your written consent to release records. Contact the records department of the hospital to find out ifyou need to sign one of their release forms or if a written note from you will suffice.

  4. Medical records should go through your primary care physician. Feel free to provide them with the following list.

    Please have a standard physical exam completed within the last 6 months.

    Blood work completed during the physical should include:

    • Complete Metabolic Panel
    • CBC with differential
    • TSH level
    • Syphilis testing
    • Urine toxicology report
    • Head MRI if not completed since onset of psychosis symptoms
    • EEG is indicated if there is a seizure history
  5. Please send a copy of any prior neuropsychiatric evaluations and /or educational testing- regardless of the date completed.

  6. Please do not send us your original copies of records as we will not be able to duplicate or return them. If you would like your own copy of your records, you will need to request these from the treatment facility directly. If we receive duplicate records, these records will be shredded.

  7. We will provide a copy of the consultation report to you. If you request that we send copies to additional parties, please be aware that you will need to sign a release of information form and provide the full names and addresses of the individuals to whom you wish copies sent.

  8. Because we are such a large institution, our mail may be slower. Please have your records faxed if at all possible. Our FAX number is (410) 550-1302.

Contact Us

Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic
The Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Attention: Krista Baker, LCPC
4940 Eastern Avenue, MFL-D2E
Baltimore, MD 21224

To schedule a consultation call 410-955-5212 or contact Krista Baker, LCPC at

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