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NNDC Mood Outcomes Program

Principal Investigator: Peter Zandi, MPH, MHS, PhD; IRB00106105, NA_00040237

Enrollment is OPEN.

For more information about this research study, please call 410-550-1652.

To learn more about the National Network of Depression Centers, please visit

What is the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC) Mood Outcomes Program?

Healthcare providers use many different questionnaires and tests to diagnose depression, bipolar disorder, and related conditions, but there is no one set of measurement tools used everywhere to take mood “vital signs” of a patient, as one might measure a patient’s temperature or blood pressure. The NNDC is taking the lead in developing such a set of measures which we hope will become the standard for tracking patient progress. The NNDC has brought together clinicians and researchers - including those here at Johns Hopkins – all working together towards one goal: to improve the lives of persons with mood disorders.

For this program, patients at NNDC clinics will be asked to fill out questionnaires asking about mood symptoms to figure out the best way to follow patients over time.

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