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Women's Mood Disorders Center

Due to the high volume of patients at the WMDC, we are currently not accepting new patientsexcept for women who are pregnant or within 6 months postpartum.
Please check back on July 5th, 2021 for further updates regarding new intakes.

Director: Jennifer L. Payne, M.D.
Associate Director: Lauren M. Osborne, M.D.
Assistant Director: Lindsay R. Standeven, M.D.
Clinical Psychologist: Liisa Hantsoo, Ph.D.
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Gina Grinstead, N.P.
Postdoctoral Fellow: Julia Riddle, M.D.
Administrative Assistant: Allison Craig

The Women's Mood Disorders Center
The Johns Hopkins Hospital
550 North Broadway, Suite 308
Baltimore, MD 21205

Hours: Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Phone: 410-502-7449 / Fax 410-502-3755

Driving Directions to the 550 Building at The Johns Hopkins Hospital
Hospital Campus Map

Why a Mood Disorders Center for Women?

Major depression is nearly twice as common in women as in men, with a lifetime occurrence of the illness as high as 21 percent in women compared with 12.7 percent in men. Although bipolar disorder is equally common in men and women (affecting about one percent of both over a lifetime), bipolar depressive episodes occur more often in women. Moreover, research suggests that, at least in some women, reproductive-related hormonal changes help raise the risk of depressive episodes.

While menstruation, pregnancy and menopause do not, by themselves, appear to increase the risk of a mood disorder, women with mood illness have a greater chance of relapse if they’re untreated at these times.

The Women’s Mood Disorders Center was established:

Hormonally-triggered mood disorders are common and treatable medical illnesses.

Symptoms of Hormonally Triggers Mood Disorders

  • Irritability or tension
  • Anxiety or nervousness
  • Change in appetite or weight
  • Changes in sexual interest
  • Food cravings or overeating
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Decreased concentration
  • Increased productivity or interest in new projects
  • Changes in sleep
  • Changes in energy level
  • Mood changes (sadness or elevated mood)
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide
  • Racing thoughts/rapid speech

Services Offered

Reproductive Psych Consultation Clinic

Evaluations can be requested by either the patient or treating physician. We offer evaluations for women suffering from mood disorders, with a special emphasis on the treatment of hormonally-triggered mood disorders, including premenstrual, postpartum, and perimenopausal mood disorders. Our clinical team will provide the best in effective treatment recommendations using the findings of research on these hormonally-triggered mood disorders.

  • Pre-pregnancy Consultation
  • Pregnancy Consultation
  • Postpartum Consultation
  • Menstrual Cycle Symptom Consultation
  • Peri-menopause Consultation

Consultations can last between 1-2 hours. 

Follow-Up Visits

There are limited follow-ups in the perinatal clinic; spots are offered based on availability.


There are various opportunities for women to participate in research studies currently being conducted through the Women’s Mood Disorder Center and through the more general Mood Disorders Program.

Learn more about our Prospective Study of Pregnant Women

Request an Appointment

To schedule an appointment and obtain fee information, please call 410-502-7449 to speak with the Clinic Coordinator. Patients who are interested in being evaluated should contact the Women’s Mood Disorders Center directly at 410-502-7449 in order to schedule an appointment and obtain fee information.

Specific recommendations will be reported to both the patient’s treating psychiatrist and patient’s the obstetrician (if seeking a pregnancy consultation).  If desired, patients can choose to be followed by Center staff during the pregnancy and for up to three months postpartum. 

Prepare for Your Consultation

Send Medical Records

While medical records are not required in order to be seen for a consultation, the quality of the consultation will be greatly enhanced by having a complete set of your psychiatric records.  We request that you send any psychiatric records prior to the consultation. 

Medical records should include: 

  1. A treatment summary letter from the current psychiatrist (or obstetrician), including the reason for the consult,
  2. Discharge summaries from inpatient hospitalizations, and
  3. Any other medical records such as laboratory results or letters from therapists that may be helpful for the evaluation.

Please have your records faxed to 410-502-3755, Attention: Women’s Mood Disorders Center.

Make Arrangements for the Appointment
We strongly encourage patients to bring a family member or close friend who can offer his or her perspective on the patient's condition. The family members provide important insight into the patient's history that the patient might not be able to recount on her own. It is common for ill patients to have difficulty with memory during bouts of the illness and the family members can help fill in the blanks. Through involvement in the evaluation, family members will better understand the patient's illness and can become an integral part of the treatment plans.

International Patients
Please contact Johns Hopkins Medicine International.

Assistance with Travel Accommodations
Looking for nearby lodging? Find information about accommodations that offer discounted rates for Johns Hopkins patients and family members.


You are responsible for contacting your insurance company in order to obtain any necessary authorization for this appointment. The Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences contracts with many but not all insurance companies. Therefore, you should personally verify your mental health benefits, in particular, a one-time outpatient psychiatry visit. For patients who have insurance from companies with whom we do not have a contract, we require payment in full at the time of visit.

Cancellation Policy

Because there is such a long waiting list, we require at least two working days notice for rescheduling. For example, if your appointment is on Friday, we require that you notify us on Tuesday to allow Wednesday and Thursday for that appointment to be filled. If adequate notice is not given, a fee of $150 will be charged. If you do not give any notice for a cancellation, a fee of $250 will be billed directly to you.

Patient Forms

The clinic coordinator will mail you forms to fill out before your visit. You can also access the forms here:

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