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Menstrual Cycle-Related Symptom Evaluation

We are at clinical capacity and will NOT be taking menstrual-related or perimenopause-related consults until further notice.

This type of evaluation appointment is for people experiencing mood or anxiety symptoms related to their menstrual cycle. These can include symptoms of depression, anxiety, agitation that occur in the two weeks prior to the start of your period. The symptoms may be a worsening of symptoms you experience throughout the month or may only occur in the two weeks prior to your menstrual cycle. 

To help us provide you with a comprehensive evaluation, please provide the following at least two weeks prior to your evaluation date.

Required Records:

  • Typed summary of your care, including primary psychiatric diagnoses and medication trials to date (preferably with dates, efficacy, side effects, and reasons medication discontinued) from current (and/or past) psychiatric providers.
    We do NOT accept handwritten progress notes. Other pertinent medical records (see below) may be included.
  • Psychiatrists, psychiatric providers, and psychotherapists will need at least your verbal permission and, in most cases, your written permission in order to release a summary to us. Click here for a Release Form so that we can send our consult recommendations to your providers.
  • Menstrual Cycle-Related Evaluation history packet (word document file)

Preferred (if available, but not required at first appoinment)

  • Typed summary of care from your treating psychotherapist.

How to Send Required Records to Johns Hopkins Reproductive Mental Health Center 

  • she will email you a secure link to send your information.
  • Alternatively, you may fax materials to to 410-502-3755, Attention: Johns Hopkins Reproductive Mental Health Center, using the cover sheet: Download Fax Cover Sheet


You are responsible for contacting your insurance company in order to obtain any necessary authorization for this appointment. The Johns Hopkins Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences contracts with many but not all insurance companies. Therefore, you should personally verify your mental health benefits, in particular, a one-time outpatient psychiatry visit. For patients who have insurance from companies with whom we do not have a contract, we require payment in full at the time of visit.

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