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mADAP | A Mobile App for Adolescent Depression Awareness

mADAP screen

We are pleased to offer mADAP, a video-based mobile health app based on the Adolescent Depression Awareness Program (ADAP). The free app is available to download in the Apple App Store and the Android Store and is appropriate for both adults and adolescents. To find our app, search "mADAP."

Download free mADAP app (Apple) »

Download free mADAP app (Android) »

Videos and information are organized into three content categories:

  1. Major Depression: Symptoms & Diagnosis
  2. Treatment Matters: Recovery & Hope
  3. What To Do Next: Act & Seek Care

Facts  and Resources sections are also included. 

Under the leadership of Dr. Karen L. Swartz, ADAP's high school curriculum has reached over 75,000 students in 20 states. The program's main messages are that depression and bipolar disorder are treatable medical illnesses and concerned individuals should seek help. The mADAP appcan be used to supplement to the curriculum or as a freestanding source of information on mood disorders. Please explore our website to learn more about ADAP’s high school curriculum, history, and partnerships.

For further questions about this app, please contact ADAP’s Research Program Coordinator at

Please find below QR codes for Apple (left) and Android (right) mobile devices that can be scanned with a QR code scanner of your choice.

QR code for mADAP Apple

QR code for mADAP Android