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Faculty Feedback

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course

It has been an amazing experience and I would highly recommend it to other stressed overworked professionals like myself. It planted seeds for years to come. - Dimitrios

There are few resources at JHH to help with wellness and teach resilience. We send our faculty to Duke. But these are absolutely services we must provide faculty. I found this course immeasurably helpful for those having issues (me) but below need for counseling. This is a great course and would be a wonderful resource to send faculty who are having problems with resilience. This course is astounding. - Raf

This is an invaluable resources for faculty and staff. It embodies principles of reflective practice and wellness that Hopkins would be wise to promote. - Rebeca

Truly life changing experience. Learning to “allow” whatever happens be o.k. Thanks for this incredibly difficult simple technique. Please allow others to share this gift. Truly outstanding….life changing. - Jarrod

The class was life changing. It brought a sense of peace and well-being in the midst of a very stressful time for me. The camaraderie and support form the group were wonderful. Neda is a wonderful and skilled instructor who created a safe space for us to learn new practices without fear of judgment. Everyone at Hopkins should have a change to take this class! - Anonymous

Everybody needs to take this course! We all need to learn to listen and take that extra moment before responding in difficult situations. - Anonymous

Neda is a fantastic teacher. She was very organized, thoughtful and a role model for how to communicate effectively. Learning MBSR will have a lasting positive impact on me, my co-workers and family that I will be grateful for for a long-time. - Anonymous

I doubted that I could complete my scheduled tasks while taking this course. To my surprise I was able to complete my deadlines. The techniques taught facilitated my ability to complete my many commitments. - Jim

This helped me focus at work and be more productive. Thank you! - Anonymous

This course gave me the break that I needed without which I was certainly destined to burn out. The idea that Hopkins is actually able to invest in us as human beings gives me hope. Thank you for the pause. - Anonymous

I'm exposed to a lot of stresses at my job and in my personal life (including disabled child) that affected my health and productivity in recent years. I have practiced yoga for many years and been more or less skeptical whether the course can help me efficiently. It worked great and above my expectations. I feel more resistant to stresses. People at my job and at home noticed that I look much better now and most of time they see me in good mood. I feel that my productivity in Hopkins is increasing and my relations with colleagues and other people are improved. Neda's classes helped me to experience feeling of meditation. Her magic voice was a great help to achieve it. I really enjoyed her classes and appreciate her help. - Anonymous

The course was excellent and you were always well prepared for each session. I liked the mix of having some meditation, some discussion in pairs, and then some discussion in groups. It was helpful to always have you be willing to answer questions so that I could develop a better understanding of the principles of MBSR. I thought the readings were paired nicely with the information each week. I feel like you did a fantastic job with the course, and there is nothing that I would change. It was definitely a life changing experience that I will never forget. - Jonathan

I found the course engaging and very thoughtfully constructed and presented. Even though this was way out of my prior experience (and normal comfort area) I found the information and processes as you taught them to be very accessible and well worth the time invested. As I mentioned when Bhakti read her poem, it is great working at a place full of gifted people who are willing to share. That certainly goes for you and this course. - Anonymous

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