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Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center

PODCASTS: Paul Rosenberg, M.D.

Dr. Paul Rosenberg, Associate Director of the Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center, talks about the risks, diagnosis, and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

Assessing the probability of dementia and potential causes

Listen now to the PODCAST 1

Program Notes

0:17  We’re trying to expand the idea of a memory center
1:01  Driving problems draw my attention
2:01  Talking with both the patient and an informed source
3:00 Very thorough history, hear the story
4:01  Memory tests
5:01  Urinary tract infection
5:43  End

Why it’s important to have a diagnosis

Listen now to the PODCAST 2

Program Notes

0:03  We’re working hard on the objective tests
1:01  It’s as good as our diagnosis of other types of disease
2:01  Indirect evidence for exercise as preventive
3:01  Volunteer work may be helpful
4:01  They know they have memory problems, the diagnosis is reassuring
5:18 End

Major types of medications used in Alzheimer’s

Listen now to the PODCAST 3

Program Notes

0: 03  Two major groups of medications we use
1:01  Look down the line in a year
2:01  Reserve medicines for frank dementia
3:01  Memantine better in advanced disease
4:01  Depression different in dementia
5:02  Delusions are common, and may give rise to anxiety
6:03  When to use which medicine?
6:53  End

Tests for predicting Alzheimer’s disease

Listen now to the PODCAST 4

Program Notes

0:05  We’ve made amazing strides in preventing some diseases
1:02  Tests that will help us predict who will get Alzheimer’s
2:02  How fast the brain uses glucose
3:01  What we’d really like to find is something easier than brain imaging
4:02  Cerebrospinal fluid markers
5:07  Measuring inflammation in the brain
5:58  End