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Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center

PODCASTS: Ann Morrison, Ph.D., RN, CS Ann Morrison

Ann Morrison, Director of the Family and Caregiver Program talks about caregivers.

Who are the caregivers for people with dementia?
Ann Morrison gives a snapshot.

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Program Notes

0:24  Caregivers giving care at home
1:00  We make a lot of assumptions about caregivers
2:00  Fifty percent of caregivers are adult children, tend to be female
3:02  In addition to having competing responsibilities money is an issue
4:01  Creates family conflict
5:02  They've gotten one big surprise and need to be educated so as avoid others
6:03  Caregivers often worry about things happening that never do
7:01  Websites aren't always accurate
7:22  End

Caregivers must manage their expectations of themselves and others, as well as seek help when needed.

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Program Notes

0:15  This is not a sign of failure
1:01  We have unrealistic expectations
2:02  Willing to accept a helping hand
3:03  Do have to select an institutional setting
4:02   A lot of things that are really difficult but also rewarding
5:04  Turn the experience around into a positive
6:05  Care for the caregiver is front and center
7:05  University based clinics
7:35  End

Ann Morrison discusses management of the home environment to benefit both the person with dementia and the caregiver.

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Program Notes

0:08  Adjusting the home environment
1:00  Organize medicines, keys, mail, etc.
2:00  Regulate your day, plan your calendar
3:00  For the caregiver organization is also important
4:04  Do these things now
5:01  You get into a problem
6:07  I always tell people you're not a saint
6:38  End

A range of care options outside the home is available for the person with dementia. Ann Morrison talks about factors to assess in choosing a facility.

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Program Notes

0:15  Primary determiner of that is cost
1:02  Physical health of the care recipient
2:07  Assisted living may not be able to deal with range of medical problems
3:06  You will double your workload
3:52  Doing in crisis mode is very stressful and limiting
4:35  You can always move
5:27  Always difficult to change environment of someone with a memory problem
6:35  Make a wrong decision? Make another one to right it
6:42  End