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Media Coverage

Child Anxiety Prevention (CAPS) Study


Mom and Daughter

Father and Son

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Johns Hopkins Health News Feed

July 2, 2009
Preventing Anxiety: Development of Anxiety Disorders May Be Preventable
Elizabeth Tracy reports | LISTEN

July 3, 2009
CBT and Anxiety: A Type of Therapy May Prevent the Development of Anxiety Disorders
Elizabeth Tracy reports | LISTEN


Good Morning Maryland - August 11, 2009
Dr. Ginsburg is interviewed about her anxiety research

Good Morning Maryland - August 28, 2009
Dr. Ginsburg is interviewed about back-to-school anxiety


Parents Magazine – March 2010
Bye-Bye Shy!
Link to article in PDF format - October 21, 2009
Mom and dad make scary movies even scarier: Kids who watch TV with their parents get more freaked out
Link to online article

Johns Hopkins University Gazette - June 8, 2009
When Adults Have an Anxiety Disorder, Their Kids Need Help Too

Link to online article

USA Today - June 2, 2009
Depression, anxiety pass from parents to kids; therapy helps
Link to online article

British Medical Journal Group - June 2, 2009
Anxious Parent, Anxious Child but therapy can help

Saint Louis Beacon - June 5, 2009
Preventive Mental Health Should Start Early

Modern Medicine - June 3, 2009
Family Therapy Can Help Children of Anxious Parent
Link to online article

PsychCentral - June 5, 2009
Anxious Parents, Anxious Kids
Link to online article

Science Daily - June 1, 2009
When Adult Patients Have Anxiety Disorder, Their Children Need Help Too
Link to online article

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - June 2, 2009
Anxiety Disorder in Families
Link to online article

Newtrack India - June 1, 2009
Kids of Anxious Parents Need Help Too

EcoDiario - June 4, 2009
La depresin y la ansiedad pueden ser hereditarias segn dos estudios
Link to online article - June 2, 2009
Anxietatea parintilor, problema copiilor
Link to online article - June 30, 2009
Link to online article