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Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Core

Neuroimaging approaches provide a continuously expanding suite of tools to examine brain networks foundational to cognition, cognitive impairment and neuropsychiatry. Principal investigators increasingly aim to add neuroimaging methods to their research particularly given the recent focus on multidisciplinary approaches to questions in neuroscience and psychiatry. Although online resources as well as national training courses exist, the complexity of both experimental design and image analysis methods as well as the computational resources required for the implementation of such methods are often beyond the means of an individual investigator.

Our Mission: To provide neuroimaging expertise and support to DPBS investigators who are interested in incorporating neuroimaging methods into their research. 

The Psychiatric Neuroimaging Research Core provides investigators with local expertise in experimental design, implementation, data collection, data analysis as well as preparation of results for grant submissions, progress reports or publications. Services range from consultation on specific design or analysis questions to the design, implementation of complete neuroimaging experiments including data processing, analysis and reporting in support of a PI’s research or application for support.

We provide the following services to members of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences:

Neuroimaging Training

  • Introduction to neuroimaging methods
  • Experimental task design and programming
  • Neuroimaging data acquisition and analysis

Experimental Design

  • Consultation to define hypotheses
  • Definition of experimental design
  • Design and development of neuroimaging tasks
  • Definition of neuroimaging sequences

Data Acquisition and Analysis

  • Implementation of experimental design
  • Acquisition of neuroimaging data
  • Pre-processing and quality assurance
  • Neuroimaging data analysis and interpretation

Data Storage and Processing

  • Neuroimaging data storage and archiving
  • High-throughput data processing


  • Figures, tables, 3D renderings for grant applications, progress reports or manuscripts
  • Methods and results sections for grant applications, progress reports or manuscripts
  • Presentations for lectures or poster sessions

Our Team

Arnold Bakker, Ph.D., Director
Caroline Speck, B.A., Coordinator
Alaina Gold, B.A., Imaging Data Analyst

Contact Us
If you are interested in incorporating neuroimaging methods in your research or would like to discuss any of the services listed please contact us by email: or phone: 410-502-6944.

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