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About Us

The Center for Behavior and Health


The Center for Behavior and Health (CBH) is dedicated to applying behavioral science principles to prevent illness, improve health outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

The CBH will develop innovative, interdisciplinary interventions and educational programs to promote health-related behavior change at the patient, provider, community and systems levels.

The CBH investigates behavioral, social, and lifestyle determinants of the pathophysiology, development, course, treatment, and prevention of illness and strives to translate these discoveries into improved health and well being world-wide.


Develop a sustainable center of clinicians, scientists, and educators that will improve health outcomes and prevent disease by catalyzing the “viral” transfer of behavior change science into healthcare delivery throughout Johns Hopkins Medicine and then translate this knowhow into other settings.

Guiding Principles

  1. Involve the community at the grass roots level
  2. Use technology and media to create and enrich a portable, boundaryless environment that promotes quantifiable pro-health behavior and behavior change in the midst of socioeconomic barriers
  3. Focus on quantifiable hard outcomes (Save lives and money and prove it)
  4. Educate and provide effective tools for medical health professionals to facilitate pro-healthy behavior and behavior change in their patients
  5. Utilize the Heath Brother’s “Switch model” as a conceptual framework