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The Center for Behavior and Health

Woman and Child EatingWoman SleepingCouple Walking

The Center for Behavior and Health is building a community of scholars and clinicians at Johns Hopkins to tackle one of medicine’s biggest challenges in the 21st century: changing behavior to prevent and better manage illness. Led by, and with generous support from, the Departments of Medicine and Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, this collaborative Center brings together individuals from diverse academic and clinical backgrounds to better understand the impact of sleep, obesity, and sedentary behavior, among other health behaviors, on the prevention and management of a wide range of chronic health conditions.

As medicine continues to make strides in understanding the genomic, proteomic, cellular and physiologic mechanisms of major diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, metabolic disorders, and immunological diseases, the role of behavior in the development, maintenance, and trajectory of these diseases remains poorly integrated into disease prevention and healthcare programs.

Changing human behaviors, such as dietary choices, sedentary lifestyles, sleep habits, and addictions are often seen as insurmountable to patients and physicians alike. Yet a vast and accumulating body of research in the science of behavior change suggests otherwise.  The Center for Behavior and Health emphasizes the cross-departmental and interdisciplinary collaborations that are necessary to integrate the behavioral sciences into disease research and management.

We host visiting scholars and organize lectures, provide grants for research projects by Hopkins faculty and staff, and are developing this website to soon be a toolbox of behavioral resources for providers and patients within the institution.