Anxiety Disorders Clinic

at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Medical Director: Una McCann, M.D.
Clinical Supervisor: Tammy Donohue, MSW, LCSW-C

Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent of all psychiatric conditions.  They are comprised of 5 distinct disorders:  Panic Disorder; Social Anxiety Disorder; Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and; Generalized Anxiety Disorder.   Anxiety disorders frequently co-occur with other psychiatric conditions, particularly mood disorders and substance use disorders.  Anxiety disorders interfere with normal daily function and are associated with a significantly increased risk for suicidality.  Although serious and impairing, there are excellent, evidence based treatments for these anxiety disorders.  In particular, numerous research studies have demonstrated that certain medications and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a form of psychotherapy, are effective treatments for all of the anxiety disorders.  When available, a combination of medications and CBT is often optimally effective.  The Anxiety Disorders Clinic at Johns Hopkins Bayview is part of the continuum of services for adults offered in the Community Psychiatry Program

Services Offered

Individual Therapy: A course of CBT is generally 12-16 sessions with the patient meeting weekly or bi-weekly with the therapist.  Patients increase their knowledge and understanding about Anxiety Disorders, develop skills specific to managing anxiety, and may participate in exposure techniques. 

Group CBT for Anxiety: A course of group therapy runs for 12 weeks with patients attending weekly.  The group provides a safe, nurturing setting where patients benefit from the social experience of being in a group environment.  Patients increase their knowledge and understanding about anxiety, develop skills specific to managing anxiety, and participate in exposure techniques.  

Consultation:  Evaluation by the psychiatrist and therapist is available for diagnostic clarification, medication evaluation, and treatment recommendations.  Patients will not be prescribed medicine at consultation visits.  A written report with recommendations will be available within 7 working days of the evaluation.

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic is appropriate for:

  1. People who are interested in structured, short-term treatment.
  2. People who have been in treatment but remain symptomatic or not making progress as they would like.
  3. People who are seeking consultation on diagnosis, medication and/or treatment recommendations.


Referrals may be made by the person in need, primary care or specialty health providers, mental health providers, employment assistance programs, community agencies, and concerned family. 

Insurance Information

Insurances accepted are Medical Assistance, Medicare, and some private insurances.

For more information about the Anxiety Disorders Clinic or to schedule an appointment please call 410-550-1933.