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Social Work Mission and Objectives

The mission of the JHH Psychiatry Social Work Department is to provide the highest standard of care for our patients with the goal of maximizing the gains of their hospitalization. We recognize that the impact of a psychiatric illness affects multiple aspects of a patient's life as well as the lives of family members. We strive to help patients adapt, cope and make changes that will help them to live as fully as possible within their communities.

To fulfill this mission the Department of Psychiatry Social Work has the following objectives:

  1. To provide psychosocial assessments of all patients
  2. To provide individual, group, and family therapy as deemed appropriate to the patient's specific illness.
  3. To provide support to both patients and family members as they begin the process of adapting to a mental illness
  4. To provide interdisciliplinary team members the psychosocial information essential to the development of the optimal plan of care after discharge
  5. To make available any known resources that will enable a patient to maintain or improve his/her quality of life
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