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Nursing Mission and Philosophy

The Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Psychiatry Nursing is committed to providing excellent nursing care.  The nursing process (assessment, development, implementation and evaluation of nursing plan of care for psychiatric problems) is utilized to assist the patient to achieve optimum health. The nurse utilizes the art of the therapeutic use of self and the sciences of nursing, psychology, and biology to deliver evidenced-based, patient-centered care in a variety of clinical settings.

Professional nursing encompasses clinical practice, education, research, and leadership. Within our functional unit, there are nurses practicing as psychiatric mental health nurses who use the nursing process and the nurse-patient relationship to promote health. Nurse Practitioners autonomously diagnose and treat mental illness through psychotherapy, psychopharmocology, case management, and clinical supervision.

Professional nurses function independently when meeting patient care needs within their scope of practice. Nurses function collaboratively with other team members to achieve optimal patient outcomes. The nurses also provide leadership as part of the Patient Care Delivery Model (PCDM), on each unit. The PCDM includes nurses, clinical nursing externs, clinical associates, support associates, and clerical associates. Nursing assumes a broader responsibility in clinical care management, while other staff are utilized to support the increasing complexity of patient care at the bedside. The goals of the team are to:

  • Achieve service excellence
  • Identify and improve clinical outcomes for patients
  • Create a learning environment on each unit for staff and students: 
    • support staff development through inservice training and certification
    • support  academic coursework
  • Create an environment conducive to retention of staff
  • Participate in evidenced-based practice activities and research
  • Acquire leadership and organizational skills
  • Create an environment of safety through teamwork, communication and partnering with patients and families.
  • Support continuous quality improvement
  • Support team building/leadership
  • Support peer review

The Department of Psychiatry Nursing advocates and supports the concepts of shared governance and management by practice models. Further, nurses are actively encouraged to acquire and maintain professional certification and to continuously improve their skills via peer review.

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