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Faculty with Joint Appointments in Psychiatry

Joint AppointmentsPrimary Appointment
Barta, Patrick E., M.D., Ph.D.School of Engineering
Bolla, Karen, Ph.D.Department of Neurology
Cotter, Valerie T., D.N.P.School of Nursing
Crum, Rosa M., M.D., M.H.S.School of Public Health
Cwik, Mary F., Ph.D.School of Public Health
Daumit, Gail L., M.D.School of Nursing
Denckla, Martha, M.D.Kennedy Kreiger Institute
Eaton, William, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Ensminger, Margaret E. Ph.D.School of Public Health
Feinberg, Andrew P., M.D.Department of Medicine
Flynn, John, M.D.Department of Medicine
Ford, Daniel, M.D., M.P.H.Department of Medicine
Frangakais, Constantine, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Gamaldo, Charlene, M.D, FAASMDepartment of Neurology
Gitlin, Laura, Ph.D.School of Nursing
Gross, Deborah, FAANSchool of Nursing
Haughey, Norman, Ph.D.Department of Neurology
Lai, Shenghan  M.D., M.P.H.Department of Pathology
Leaf, Philip, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Maher, Brion, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Marvel, Cherie L. Ph.D.Department of Neurology
McCabe, Lee, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Mendelson, Tamar, M.D.School of Public Health
Ming, Gui-li, M.D., Ph.D.Institute for Cell Engineering
Mojtabai, Ramin, M.D.School of Public Health
Oh, Esther, M.D.Department of Medicine
Pomper, Martin, M.D.Department of Radiology
Rand, Cynthia S., Ph.D.Department of Medicine
Rebok, George, Ph.D.School of Public Health
Riley, Anne W., Ph.D.School of Public Health
Salorio, Cynthia, Ph.D.Kennedy Kreiger Institute
Selnes, Ola A., Ph.D.Department of Neurology
Slusher, Barbara, Ph.D.Department of Neurology
Spira, Adam, M.D.School of Public Health
Steinwachs, Donald M., Ph.D.School of Public Health
Wong, Dean F., M.D., Ph.D.Department of Radiology
Yolken, Robert H., M.D.Department of Pediatrics
Zandi, Peter, Ph.D., M.P.H.School of Public Health
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