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Speedie, Lynn J., Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director, Department of Neuropsychology, KKI

Main Office Address

Kennedy Krieger Institute
1750 East Fairmount Ave, 3rd Floor
Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone: 443-923-4442
Fax: 443-923-4470


Administrative Assistant

Yvone Jackson




University of Texas at Austin



University of Texas at Austin



University of Texas at Austin


 Psychology Internship

University of Texas at Austin


Post Doctoral Fellowship in Neuropsychology

 University of Florida, Dept. Neurology

Professional Interests

Neuropsychological consequences of acquired brain damage in adults and children, particularly in disorders of attention to space and memory.

Selected Publications

Newman D., Tamir J., Speedie L., Newman JP., Ben-Dov I. Physiological and neuropsychological effects of theophylline in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Israel J. Med. Sci., 1994: 30:816-819. 

Edwin D., Speedie LJ., Kohler W., Naidu S., Kruse B., Moser HW. Cognitive and brain magnetic resonance imaging findings in adrenomyeloneuropathy. Annals of Neurology, 1996: 40: 675 - 678. 

Speedie LJ., Wertman E., Verfaellie M., Butter C., Silberman, N.,  Lichtenstein M., Heilman KM.  Reading direction and spatial neglect.   Cortex, 2002: 38: 59-67.

Kampf-sherf O., Zlotogorski Z., Gilboa A., Speedie L., Lereya J., Rosca P., Shavit Y. Neuropsychological functioning in major depression and responsiveness to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors antidepressants. J. Affective Disorders, 2004: 82: 453-459.

Hattiangadi N., Pillion J.P., Slomine B., Christensen J., Trovato M.K., Speedie L.J. Characteristics of auditory agnosia in a child with severe traumatic brain injury: A case report. Brain and Language, 2005: 92: 12-25.