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Schlaepfer, Thomas E., M.D.

Dr. Thomas Schlaepfer

Associate Professor

Main Office Address

University Bonn / Dept. of Psychiatry
Bonn, GERMANY 53105

Phone: 228-287-4715
Fax: 228-287-5025





Freies Gymnasium Bern, Switzerland



University of Bern, Switzerland



Johns Hopkins University

Selected Publications

Lisanby HS, Luber B, Schlaepfer TE, Sackeim HA: Safety and feasibility of magnetic seizure therapy (MST) in major depression: Randomized within-subject comparison with electroconvulsive therapy. Neuropsychopharmacology in press(5/15/03):2003  

Ji RR, Schlaepfer TE, Aizenman CD, Epstein CM, Qiu D, Huang JC, Rupp F: Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation activates specific regions in rat brain. Proc Natl Acad Science 95(15635-15640, 1998 

Schlaepfer TE, Strain EC, Greenberg BD, Preston KL, Lancaster E, Bigelow GE, Barta PE, Pearlson GD: The site of opioid action in the human brain: mu and kappa agonists produce different subjective and cerebral blood flow effects. Am J Psychiatry 155(470-473, 1998

Schlaepfer TE, Pearlson GD, Wong DF, Marenco S, Dannals RF: PET Study of competition between intravenous cocaine and 11C raclopride at dopamine receptors in human subjects. Am J Psychiatry 154(9):1209-1213, 1997