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Rao, Vani, MBBS, M.D.

Associate Professor
Director, Brain Injury Program
Director, Behavior Neurology and Neuropsychiatry Fellowship Program

Main Office Address

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
5300 Alpha Commons Drive
4th Floor, Suite 444
Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: 410-550-2288
Fax: 410-550-1407


Research Coordinator

Alex Vassila



1983MBBSMadras University
1990M.D.All India Institute of Medical Sciences
1995-1996Medicine-Psychiatry InternshipUniversity of Virginia-Roanoke Salem Program
1996-1999Psychiatry ResidencyJohns Hopkins School of Medicine
1999-2000Neuropsychiatry FellowshipJohns Hopkins School of Medicine

Professional Interests

  • Neuropsychiatry (Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury)
  • Geriatric Psychiatry

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Selected Publications

Rao V,  McCann U,  Bergey A Han D;   Brandt J   Schretlen DJ . Correlates of Apathy During the First Year After Traumatic Brain Injury. Letter. Psychosomatics. 2013 Jul-Aug;54(4):403-4.

Nowrangi, MA,  Lyketsos, CG, Rao, V, Munro, CA. Systematic review of neuroimaging correlates of executive functioning:  converging evidence from different clinical populations. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci. 2014 Apr 1;26(2):114-25

Rao V, McCann U, Han D, Bergey A, Smith MT. Does Acute TBI-Related Sleep Disturbance Predict Subsequent  Neuropsychiatric  Disturbances?  Brain Inj. 2014;28(1):20-6.

Nowrangi MA, Kortte KB, Rao V. A Perspectives Approach to Suicide After Traumatic Brain Injury:  Case and Review. Psychosomatics. 2014 Sep-Oct;55(5):430-7.

Devineni B, Venkatesan A, Appleby B & Rao V. Autoimmune mediated cognitive impairment: A case report. Psychosomatics. 2014 Jan 1.

Roy D, Jayaram G, Vassila A, Keach S, Rao V. Depression after traumatic brain injury: A biopsychosocial cultural perspective. Asian J Psychiatr. 2014 S1876-2018(14)00211-1

Rao V, Koliatsos V, Ahmed F, Lyketsos C, Kortte K.Neuropsychiatric disturbances associated with traumatic brain injury: a practical approach to evaluation and management. Semin Neurol. 2015 Feb;35(1):64-82.

Reti IM, Schwarz N, Bower A, Tibbs M, Rao V. Transcranial magnetic stimulation: A potential new treatment for depression associated with traumatic brain injury. Brain Inj. 2015 May 7:1-9

Roy D, McCann U, Han D, Rao V: Pathological Laughter and Crying and Psychiatric Comorbidity After Traumatic Brain Injury. Accepted for publication J Neuropsychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences

Albrecht JS, Hirshon JM, McCunn M, Bechtold KT, Rao V, Simoni-Wastila L, Smith GS. Increased Rates of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury among Older Adults in US Emergency Departments, 2009-2010. J Head Trauma Rehabilitation. 2015. In press.