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Osborne, Cynthia S., M.S.Ed., MSW

Assistant Professor

Off Campus Address

2 Hamill Road
Suite 355 West Quadrangle
Baltimore, MD 21210

Phone: 443-622-5077
Fax: 443-622-5077





Alverno College



U. Maine



U. Connecticut

Professional Interests

Evaluation and treatment of the full range of sexual disorders with individuals, couples and groups, with particular interest in the paraphilias and nonparaphilic sexual compulsivity; research in sexual behavior; contributing to medical education in human sexuality.

Selected Publications

Osborne, C. & Wise, T. "Paraphilias." In Handbook of Sexual Dysfunction, Balon, R. & Segraves, T. Eds., Marcel Dekker, Inc. 2005.

Wise, T., Osborne, C., Strand, J., Fagan, P. & Schmidt, C. ôAlexythymia in patients attending a sexual disorders clinic.ö Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 28, 5, 2002.

Osborne, C. & Wise, T. ôSplit gender identity: problem or solution? proposed parameters for addressing the gender dysphoric patient.ö Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, Volume 28, 2, March-April, 2002.

Osborne, C. ôA group model for the treatment of Internet related sexual problems.ö British Journal of Relationship and Sex Therapy, in press, expected publication November 2003, Vol 18:4.

Osborne, C. & Wise, T. Paraphilias. In Balon, R. & Segraves, R.T. (eds.), Handbook of Sexual Dysfunction, New York: Marcel Dekker, in press, expected publication 2004.

Osborne, C. & Rowland, D. Evaluation of psychological functioning in men with sexual dysfunction. In Kandeel, F. (ed) Pathophysiology and Treatment of Male Sexual and Reproductive Dysfunction, New York: W.W. Norton & Co, in press, expected publication 2004.