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Lehne, Gregory K., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Main Office Address

4419 Falls Road
Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone: 410-366-0642




Duke University



 Cornell University


Fellowship in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Professional Interests

Evaluation and treatment of sexual and gender identity concerns in children, adolescents and adults. Research and theory on the nature of human sexuality, lovemaps, sexual orientations and gender identities. The paraphilias and sex offender issues.

Selected Publications

Lehne, G. (2009) Phenomenology of paraphilia: Lovemap theory. Ch. 2 in F.M. Saleh, A.J. Grundzinskas, J.M. Bradford & D.J. Brodsky (Eds.). Sex Offenders: Identification, Risk Assessment, Treatment, and Legal Issues. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 12-24.

Lehne, G. (2007) Obituary: John Money. American Psychologist, 62 (7), 699.

Fagan, P., Lehne, G., Strand, J., Berlin, F. (2005) Paraphilias. In G.O. Gabbard, J.S. Beck & J. Holmes (Eds.), Oxford Textbook of Psychotherapy. New York, NY: Oxford University Press, 213-225.