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Hohmann, Christine F., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Main Office Address

Morgan State University
Department of Biology
1700 E. Cold Spring Ln.
Baltimore, MD 21251

Phone: 443-885-4002




B.S. equivalent in Pharmacy




Brown University


Postdoctoral Fellowship

JHU School of Medicine

Professional Interests

Our focus is on the development of cerebral cortex with particular emphasis on the role of acetylcholine and monoaminergic neuromodulators in cortical morphogenesis and subsequent behavioral development  My lab at Morgan State University currently studies several mouse models for developmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Rett syndrome and ADHD.  We are also exploring the role of perinatal stress in cortical morphogenesis and behavioral development.

Selected Publications

Neonatal monoamine depletion improves performance of a novel odor discrimination task. J. Behavioral Neurobiol. 112, 1318-1326, 1998. 

Hohmann, C.F, Wallace, S., Johnston, M. and Blue M.E. Effects of neonatal cholinergic basal forebrain lesions on excitatory amino acid receptors in neocortex. Special  issue of the International Journal of Developmental Neuroscience,16: 645-660, 1999. 

Hohmann, C.F., Richardson, C., Pitts, E. and Berger-Sweeney. J.E.Neonatal 5,7-DHT lesions cause sex specific changes in mouse cortical morphogenesis. Neural Plasticity, 7(4), 313-232, 2000. 

Hohmann, C.F.  Cholinergic regulation of cortical development in: Handbook on Brain and Behavior in Human Development  Ed. Gramsbergen, A. and Kalverboer,  A.F. , 2001. 

Hohmann, C.F. Acetylcholine serves as a morphogen in cortical development and plasticity Neuroscience Biobehavioral Review, 27(4), 351-363., 2003

Connel, S., Karikari, C. and Hohmann, C.F. Sex specific development of cortical monoamine levels in mouse. Devel. Brain Res., 151, 187-191, 2004.

Beyers, D., Irwin, L.N., Moss, D. and Hohmann, C.F. Prenatal exposure to the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor methanesulfonyl fluoride alters forebrain morphology and gene expression. Devel. Brain Res., 158, 13-22, 2005.