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Henningfield, Jack E., Ph.D.

Dr. Jack Henningfield


Main Office Address

3 Bethesda Metro Center
Suite 1400
Bethesda, MD 20814

Phone: 301-718-8440
Fax: 301-718-0034


Administrative Assistant

Kirk McKay
Phone: 301-718-8440

Education and Government Service



University of Minnesota, College of Liberal Arts



University of Minnesota, Graduate School


Fellow, National Council on Alcoholism

University of Minnesota



National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH, Pharmacologist, Chief, Clinical Pharmacology Research Branch

Professional Interests

Understanding the biological basis of drug addiction to improve substance abuse prevention, treatment and policy, with a particular emphasis on tobacco and nicotine. Contributing to the scientific foundation for public health policy nationally and internationally for a broad ranges of diseases but with emphasis on addictions.

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Selected Publications

Benowitz, N.L. and Henningfield, J.E.  Establishing a nicotine threshold for addiction.  New England Journal of Medicine, 331 (2):  123-125, 1994. 

Henningfield, J.E., Kozlowski, L.T. and Benowitz, N.L.  A proposal to develop meaningful labeling for cigarettes.  Journal of the American Medical Association, 272 (4):  312-314, 1994. 

Henningfield, J.E.  Nicotine medications for smoking cessation.  New England Journal of Medicine, 333: 1196-1203, 1995. 

Henningfield, J.E. and Zeller, M.  Could science-based regulation make tobacco products less addictive. Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics, Vol. III (Winter), Issue 1: 127-138, 2002. 

Henningfield, J.E., Moolchan, E.T. and Zeller, M.  Regulatory strategies to reduce tobacco addiction in youth.  Tobacco Control, 12 (Supl. 1): i14-i24, 2003.