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Hennessey, Joseph G., Ph.D.

Research Associate and Associate Research Scientist

Main Office Address

Kennedy Krieger Institute
707 N. Broadway St. Room 232
Baltimore, MD, 21231

Fax: 443-923-927


Administrative Assistant

Kim Anderson
Phone: 443-923-9252




Pennsylvania State University



Johns Hopkins University

2007Ph.D.Johns Hopkins University

Professional Interests

I am interested in the visualization and quantitative analysis of MR brain data. I write the programs I develop in java so that the software can be used on a wide variety of computer hardware. The software is licensed under the GPL license, so researchers around the world can build on my work. I am interested in taking advantage of the recent advances in graphics hardware to enable complex, high-quality real time visualization of brain data.

Selected Publications

Hennesey JG, Fishman EK, Kuhlman JE, Ney DR, Magid D (1990). Computer-based learning in Radiology: An instructional tool for evaluation and treatment of renal masses: An experiment in hypermedia. Investigative Radiology 28:169-174. 

Hennessey JG, Fishman EK, Ney DR (1994). Digital video applications in radiologic education: Theory, technique and applications. Journal of Digital Imaging 7:85-90. 

Reiss AL, Hennessey JG, Rubin M, Beach LS, Abrams MT, Warsofsky IS, Liu AM, Links JM (1998). Reliability and Validity of an Algorithm for Fuzzy Tissue Segmentation of Magnetic Resonance Images. J Comp Assist Tomog, 22(3):471-479. 

Links JM, Beach LS 2nd, Subramaniam B, Rubin MA, Hennessey JG, Reiss AL (1998). Edge complexity and partial volume effects. J Comput Assist Tomogr, 1998 May-Jun;22(3):450-8 .