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Hackerman, Florence R., M.A.


Main Office Address

Mason Lord, East Tower, D-2-E
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
4940 Eastern Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21224

Phone: 410-550-0776
Fax: 410-550-1748





City College of New York



Towson State College

Professional Interests

Treating adult patients with developmental disabilities and psychiatric illness.

Selected Publications

Hackerman F, Schmidt Jr CW, Dyson CD, Gallucci G: Developing a Model Treatment Program for Patients with Intellectual Disability in a Community Mental Health Center. Community Mental Health Journal 2006 in press.

Gallucci G, Hackerman F, Schmidt Jr, CW: Gender Identity Disorder in an Adult male with Asperger’s Syndrome. Sexuality and Disability March 2005:23, 1: 35-40.

Gallucci G, Anderson AE, Hackerman F, Mondimore FM: Eating and Feeding Difficulties in patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Four Cases. Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities 2003:6,3: 114-119.

Heinberg LJ, Fauerbach JA, Spence RJ, Hackerman F. Psychologic factors involved in the decision to undergo reconstructive surgery after burn injury. J Burn Care Rehabilitation. 1997 Jul-Aug;18(4):374-80. 

Hackerman F, Buccino DL, Gallucci G, Schmidt CW JR. The effect of a split in WAIS-R VIQ and PIQ scores on patients with cognitive impairment and psychiatric illness. J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neuroscience. 1996 Winter;8(1):85-7