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Cone, Edward J., Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Main Office Address

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center
Phone: 410-315-8643 
Fax: 410-315-9067





Mobile College



University of Alabama


Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Kentucky


Government Service


Professional Interests

Major research interests are in drug delivery systems and the disposition and metabolism of drugs of abuse and drug-induced behavioral effects. Dr. Cone's research on the kinetics and dynamics of smoked drugs, effects of environmental exposure to drugs of abuse, and the use of alternative specimens like saliva, sweat and hair for drug testing has been recognized world-wide.

Selected Publications

Johnson, R.E., Jones, H.E., Jasinski, D.R., Svikis, D.S., Haug, N., Jansson, L.M., Kissin, W.B., Alpan, G., Lantz, M.E., Cone, E.J., Golden, A.S., Huggins, G.R. and Lester, B. Buprenorphine Treatment of Pregnant Opioid-Dependent Women: Maternal and Neonatal Outcomes.  Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 63: 97-103, 2001.

Niedbala, R.S., Kardos, K.W., Fritch, D.F., Kardos, S., Fries, T., Waga, J., Robb., J. and Cone, E.J. Detection of Marijuana Use by Oral Fluid and Urine Analysis Following Single-Dose Administration of Smoked and Oral Marijuana. J. Anal. Toxicol., 24: 289-303, 2001. 

Cone, E.J. Legal, Workplace, and Treatment Drug Testing With Alternate Biological Matrices on a Global Scale. Forensic Science International. 121:  7-15, 2001

Jenkins, A.J., Keenan, R. M., Henningfield, J. E. and Cone, E. J.  Correlation Between Pharmacological Effects and Plasma Cocaine Concentrations after Smoked Administration.   J. Anal. Toxicol., 26: 382-392, 2002. 

Preston, K. L., Epstein, D. H., Cone, E. J., Wtsadik, A. T., Huestis, M. A. and Moolchan, E. T.  Urinary Elimination of Cocaine Metabolites in Chronic Cocaine Users during Cessation.  J. Anal. Toxicol., 26: 393-400, 2002.