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Psychiatry Biostatistics and Methodology Core

Our Mission

To integrate quantitative methodological expertise into the design, grant writing, conduct, analysis, and reporting of research by departmental faculty. We provide the following statistical and methodological support to members of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences:

Statistical Teaching

  • Explanation of statistical methods
  • Help with statistical programming

Experimental Design and Data Analysis

  • Consultation to help clarify goals and identify and articulate testable hypotheses
  • Identification of best analytical methods
  • Advice on database setup and formatting
  • Sample size/Power calculations
  • Data analysis and interpretation


  • Methods sections for grants
  • Statistical sections for papers (writing and review)
  • Help with presentations

Our Team

Jeannie-Marie Leoutsakos, Ph.D., M.H.S.Director
Constantine Frangakis, Ph.D.Faculty
Dingfen Han, M.S.Research Data Analyst
Edward Hess, M.S.Biostatistician
Kryten MazorResearch Service Analyst
Sarah Forrester, M.A.Research Assistant
Contact Us

Phone: 410-955-9884 |  Email:


Please read our most current list of policies prior to our first meeting.  Note:  We are required to report HIPAA violations , including the transmission via email of data containing personal identifiers (e.g., names, phone numbers, JHH numbers, etc).  Please make sure that you do not send us personally identifiable data. 


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