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Division of Behavioral Biology

at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Director: Nancy Ator, Ph.D.

The Division of Behavioral Biology is characterized by a joining together of scientific interests, methods, and data with a common goal of an integrated understanding of behavior. A particular strength of the Division is development and use of methods for preclinical studies of operant behavior, including that representing cognitive function. Our current work encompasses studying the effects of centrally acting drugs and of radiation on behavior as well as studying pharmacological variables that determine or have the potential to treat drug misuse and dependence. We also conduct preclinical assessments of the abuse liability and dependence potential of drugs in development for clinical use.


Nancy Ator, Ph.D.
Professor and Director

Elise M. Weerts, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor

Robert D. Hienz, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor (part-time)

Catherine M. Davis-Takacs, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Barbara J. Kaminski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (part-time)