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Summer 2009 - Index


Summer 2009 |  Volume 5,  Number 3                                                         PDF Version| ARCHIVE

Summer 2009

Safely Medicating the Stork
"Having a mood disorder doesn't preclude someone from having children" says Dr. Jennifer Payne of the Women's Mood Disorders Center.

Tourette's, OCD, ADHD: Closer Together Than We Thought
Dr. Marco Grados treats and studies children with struggling with all three conditions - looking for causes, balancing medications.

Opioid Maintenance: Make New Meds But Keep the Old
Addictions expert, Dr. Eric Strain explains the different roles methadone and buprenorphine play in substance abuse treatment.

A Current Approach to Depression
Dr. Irving Reti unpacks the new TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) machinefor the new Brain Stimulation Program.

When Ventilating is Devastating
Dr. Joe Bienvenu examines the after effects of the treatment in the ICU.

Supporting the Cause
From Donor to Catalyst: Gruss Know How to Help
Philanthropist Audrey Gruss and her Foundation join forces with Hopkins to push the frontiers of brain stimulation to treat depression.