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Spring 2009 - Index


Spring 2009 |  Volume 5,  Number 2                                                         PDF Version | ARCHIVE

Dementia: More Than Memory Alone
Dr. Constantine Lyketsos talks about the especially difficult face of Alzheimer's and other dementia and describes the new Memory and Alzheimer's Treatment Center.

Desire, Pixellated
Dr. Graham Regrave's fMRI work : visual clues to anorexia's biology may guide future therapy

Birth of a Ration
Dr. Kellie Tamashiro studies the interplay of environment and behavior in obesity using animal models

INSIGHTS: An Eye on Suicide
An interview with Dr. Geetha Jayaram about patient safety

Preventing Suicide May Stem From How We Watch
Dr. Jeffrey Janofsky explains Hopkins' proactive system

Whatever It Takes
Creative Alternatives Program refuses to less illness define patients

SUPPORTING THE CAUSE: A Beautiful Partnership
The James E. Marshall OCD Foundation teams up with Dr. Gerald Nestadt to advance the quest for therapies for obsessive-compulsive disorder