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Winter 2008 - Index


Winter 2008 | Volume 4, Number 2                                                     PDF Version  |   ARCHIVE

Anxiety Disorders

Adding Insult to Burn Injury
Dr. James Fauerbach treats mind's response to trauma in burn survivors

TRANSLATIONS: Model of a Muddle
Dr. Una McCann seeks to clarify the biology of PTSD

Eating Disorders

Coercing With Compassion
Dr. Angela Guarda explores the role of motivation and coercion in the treatment of eating disorders 

Substance Abuse

A Double Take on Withdrawal
Dr. Ryan Vandrey studyies the connection between tobacco and marijuana withdrawal   

Medical Psychology

More Than Spare Parts
Dr. David Edwin sorts through the psychological state of potential transplant donors and recipients

Mood Disorders    

Shrinkage, Not the Shrinks
Dr. James Potash discusses depression, stress, and changes to the brain

Reaching Out

Stealth Mental Health
Dr. Jacquelyn Duval-Harvey finds mental health services in schools a natural fit

Supporting The Cause

For Her, Stigma's Just a Word
A woman's account of surviving, thriving and doing what she can to help