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Fall 2008 - Index


Fall 2008 |  Volume 5,  Number 1                                                             PDF Version  |  ARCHIVE


Deficit Schizophrenia: A FIrst Daisy in the Chain
Dr. Nicola Cascella finds that one sort of schizophrenia may have a biology of its own.

TRANSLATIONS: Guilt by Centrosome
Drs. Cascella, Sawa, and Katsanis clarify key centrosomal pathway and connect it to a form of schizophrenia.

Bipolar Disorder

A Psychosis Gene?
Dr. Fernando Goes studies a subgroup of bioloar patients with psychosis to help find the gene.

Substance Abuse

Drug Dependency: A New Sort of Thinking Cap
Dr. Miriam Minzer's work adds to a national wave of study on how addiction clouds thinking.  

Brain Imaging

To Sleep, Perchance to Diagnose
Dr. Charles Hong believes that sleep studies could awaken a new field of psychiatric research.

INSIGHTS: All You've Got to Do is Dream
Dr. James Harris talks about work that ties waking and sleeping brain in new ways.

Reaching Out

When is Trauma is Trauma
Dr. Anita Everett's exchange with Iraqi professionals finds kids in Baltimore and Bagdad show similar anxiety from life's daily blows.

Supporting The Cause

Films Could Turn Night to Day
Hailey Dart is increasing awareness of teenage mood disorders while fighting stigma.