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Current Issue

July 2017

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James ‘ Jimmy’ Potash, M.D., M.P.H. was named Henry Phipps Professor and Director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

‘Healthy Woman’ is a new web destination at Johns Hopkins Medicine website and a number of our faculty have guided articles in the Mind and Mood section:

Eating Disorders Podcast: Challenging Intake Guidelines
Tabitha Farrar, host of the Eating Disorder Recovery for Adults podcast, interviews Dr. Graham Redgrave

Johns Hopkins Health Review - Spring/Summer 2017
Should I Take Opiods?

Check out the latest issue of Hopkins BrainWise, the Department Newsletter  | Spring 2017 BrainWise is available online

Upcoming Events


September 25, 2017
8th Annual Road to Recovery Conference: An Addictions Conference for Professionals
 7:45 AM – 4:00 PM | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Asthma and Allergy Auditorium
Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Research

October 23, 2017
Eating Disorders Conference
Sponsored by the Johns Hopkins Eating Disorders Program

November 11, 2017
10th Annual Journey to Hope Conference: A Free Conference for Caregivers
Sponsored by the Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center and the Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center

November 11, 2017
A Woman’s Journey | A women’s health conference presented by Johns Hopkins Medicine at the Hilton Baltimore Hotel | Psychiatry faculty presenting this year include Karen Swartz (A Family Affair), Ken Stoller (The Opioid Epidemic), Chris Kraft (Behind Closed Doors), Neda Gould (Mind Over Matter), Marilyn Albert (The Facets of Memory Loss)

New Faculty Book

Psychological and Cognitive Impact of Critical Illness
Edited by Dr. O. Joseph Bienvenu, Dr. Ramona O. Hopkins, and Dr. Christina Jones, Oxford University Press 2017


Features a monthly selection of recent research citations by Department faculty | Click on ‘Psychiatry’.


Johns Hopkins Medicine - July 10, 2017
On-Site Ecstasy Pill-Testing Services May Reduce User Risks at Concerts and Raves
Study also shows that so-called purer form of MDMA called Molly rarely is

Johns Hopkins Medicine - June 12, 2017
Study Calls for Use of Better Outcome Measures in Clinical Trials for Fragile X Syndrome and Other Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Research Volunteer Needed

Are you interested in participating in research? Below is an example of one of the studies in the department that is recruiting volunteers. There are many more on our website. See Research Volunteers Needed

Brain and Appetite Research Study: Neurobehavioral Influences on Body Weight in Adolescents
Johns Hopkins Hospital is conducting a research study in adolescents (14-18 y old) and their biological mothers. The study involves three visits for 3-3.5 hours each. Study includes fMRI scan (adolescent only), body composition measurements (height, weight, waist), questionnaires, computer tasks, liquid and buffet meals, and saliva collection. Compensation is up to $245, plus $10 travel costs for each visit. Adolescent candidates must be 14-18 y old, must not be pregnant, claustrophobic or have any metal implants. All candidates must speak English fluently and not have any major medical or psychiatric conditions. Candidates must not have any food or nut allergies or be on any medications affecting weight or appetite. Contact information: Call 410-955-5099 or email PI: Susan Carnell, PhD (IRB #: NA_00092328) DOWNLOAD FLYER

In the Media

Our faculty members are often quoted in the general media about a wide range of topics. Below is a sampling of recent hits:

Our faculty members are often quoted in the general media about a wide range of topics. Below is a sampling of recent hits:

Seniors and depression: Not a normal part of aging - U.S. News & World Report
Dr. Susan W. Lehmann, clinical director of the division of geriatric psychiatry and neuropsychiatry and director of the Geriatric Psychiatry Day Hospital at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine: “Depression is never considered a normal part of aging,” she says. “While the more of life we live, the more likely we are to experience times of sadness and grief related to loss or change, most people handle these life challenges without developing a persistent depressive disorder.”

Are movies about eating disorders fundamentally uncinematic? - Pacific Standard magazine
[Dr. Angela Guarda, director of the Eating Disorders Program at the Johns Hopkins University, says] that filmmakers could emphasize that one recovers from an eating disorder — as most do — through treatment that helps patients create healthy eating habits.... She says that films would do well to also include plots where loved ones encourage a sufferer to get help, providing an audience with practical, helpful information.

Know the warning signs of suicide - WBAL-TV
Following a segment on a new Netflix show that focuses on a teenage girl’s suicide, Dr. Holly Wilcox, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins, expresses concern that the show discusses suicide in an irresponsible and graphic way and suggest that if parents want to allow their children to watch it, they should watch it with them.

Keith Conners, psychologist who set standard for diagnosing A.D.H.D., dies at 84 - New York Times
The field of child psychiatry was itself still young when Dr. Conners joined the faculty of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the early 1960s as a clinical psychologist.... Dr. Conners focused on a group of youngsters who were chronically restless, hyperactive and sometimes aggressive.

One family's journey through a mental health crisis - Today
In a Q&A, Dr. Jennifer Payne, a noted researcher and clinician who directs the Women's Mood Disorder Clinic at Johns Hopkins Hospital, tells Today both medicine and society still have a ways to go in the treatment of mental illness.

Clinical trial examines tramadol to treat opioid withdrawal - United Press International
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found the drug tramadol, when combined with other therapies, may be effective for treating opioid withdrawal. The results of the clinical trial, published in JAMA Psychiatry, showed tramadol extended-release suppressed withdrawal symptoms more than clonidine and was similar to buprenorphine, both drugs commonly used in opioid withdrawal. Study also highlighted in NIH Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research website and newsletter.

The fine art of mental illness: What paintings tell us about someone’s psyche - Washington Post
James C. Harris, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral science and director of Johns Hopkins University’s Developmental Neuropsychiatry Clinic, spent more than a decade writing monthly essays that connect the visual arts to larger issues of psychiatry and mental illness. Now, those essays and the art that inspired them have been collected by the journal JAMA Psychiatry.

What a ‘transcendent experience’ really means - New York Magazine
[O]ne day in 2008, [Janeen Delaney] learned about a study at Johns Hopkins University looking at people facing imminent death. The research team, led by psychiatrist Roland Griffiths, wanted to know whether having a major transcendent experience — induced by psilocybin, the active ingredient in so-called magic mushrooms — would help people like Janeen face death with peace rather than despair.... Janeen signed up.

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