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JHU Press Coverage


Johns Hopkins Health Review - Fall/Winter 2017
The Rise of Teen Depression
In the past decade, clinical depression and anxiety among adolescents ages 12 to 17 have gone up. As medical professionals seek to find the reasons, how can parents determine: When is it typical teen moods and when is it something more?

Johns Hopkins Health Review - Fall/Winter 2017
Creativity and Bipolar Illness
Conversation with Kay Redfield Jamison on her latest book about poet Robert Lowell and learning to live with bipolar illness.

Johns Hopkins Magazine - Fall 2017
Crash course in the nature of mind
Roland Griffiths' psilocybin experiments have produced striking evidence for therapeutic uses of hallucinogens

The HUB - August 18, 2017
Brain scan study adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to dementia

The HUB - August 17, 2017
Study: Suicide rates in rural areas higher than in urban areas due largely to use of firearms
When firearms were taken out of the equation, suicide rates in rural and urban areas were comparable

Hopkins Rising to the Challenge website - July 18, 2017
Help the Child, Help the Community
Inaugural Connaughton Professor Larry Wissow is strengthening ties between the Children's Mental Health Center and East Baltimore, thanks to a gift from the family of a late Hopkins psychiatrist.

The HUB - May 16, 2017 
Recent overdose incidents prompt warnings about risks of opioids
Johns Hopkins experts discuss opioid epidemic, signs of overdose, campus resources. Eric Strain is quoted.

Dome - April 2017
Minding our Manners: Q&A with Daniel Buccino
Faculty member and clinical manager for the Broadway Center for Addiction, Dan Buccino, is also Director of the Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative.

Johns Hopkins Health Review - Spring/Summer 2017
Should I Take Opiods?

Dome - March/April 2017
Bedside Psychiatric Evaluations

The HUB - March 20, 2017
Research links postpartum depression with diminished levels of 'anti-anxiety' hormone

Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Winter 2017
Mental Health at Its Most Harrowing


The HUB – November 30, 2016
Hallucinogenic drug found in 'magic mushrooms' eases depression, anxiety in people with life-threatening cancer

Insight – November 2016
Technology Licensed from Johns Hopkins Sends Texts to Track Moods
Psychiatrist Adam Kaplin talks about the success of Mood 24/7, a testing system to help patients track their daily moods.

Hopkins Medicine Magazine – Fall 2016
A Link Between Antibiotics and Mental Illness?
A recent study led by neurovirologist Robert Yolken, M.D. suggests gut-brain interaction affecting symptoms in some psychiatric disorders.

Spring/Summer 2016 - JH Medicine Magazine
Stuck in Despair
Why do physician trainees experience depression and suicide at rates much higher than the general public? And how can they get the help they need? Fourth year resident Zina Meriden and faculty members Meg Chisolm and Karen Swartz are quoted.

May 1 - JHMI Dome
App Educations Teens and Families on Depression
Created by Johns Hopkins psychiatrists, mADAP features content on symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

March 24 - JHMI Dome
Life Without Heroin: Johns Hopkins tackles an epidemic with personalized treatment

VIDEO: On a Mission to Treat Addictions - featuring psychiatrist Denis Antoine, M.D. the video is about our partnership with the Helping Up Mission. See accompanying BrainWise story


Johns Hopkins HUB – December 16, 2015
'Touched with Fire,' inspired by work of Johns Hopkins psychologist, explores life with bipolar disorder
Coverage of the Dec 14 film preview event at the Charles Theatre sponsored by the Mood Disorders Center. | See also future screenings

Hopkins Medicine Magazine – Winter 2015
The Best, Bar None
Meg Chisolm, M.D. is featured among others in this story about the Miller-Coulson Academy for Clinical Excellence.

Johns Hopkins HUB – January 26, 2015
Johns Hopkins study of retired NFL players sheds light on concussion-related brain damage
Jen Coughlin, M.D. and her research team provide further evidence of potential long-term neurological risks to football players who sustain repeated head injuries


Johns Hopkins Medicine Podcasts – December 1, 2014
Jen Coughlin, M.D. on Football and Brain Injury. Listen and read

VIDEO LINK to Woman’s Journey Keynote Address – November
Karen Swartz, M.D. on Forgiveness. Watch

Insight - October, 2014
How to Build an App
Featuring the Center for Behavior and Health
ead article

Johns Hopkins Health - October 9, 2014
Find Your Balance
Do you have anxiety or anxiety disorder? Read article

Johns Hopkins Health - Spring 2014
The Healing Power of Forgiveness
Dr. Karen Swartz on how letting go of grudges is good for your health. Read article

Hopkins Medicine - Spring/Summer 2014
Drs. Karin Neufeld and Joseph Bienvenu help prevent trauma after discharge in this JHM pilot program. Read article
Watch the video HERE

Johns Hopkins Nursing - Spring 2014
A Calming Force
Debbie Gross, DNSc, RN, and other nurses prepare for a greater role in mental health. Read article

Johns Hopkins Nursing - Spring 2014
Clear-headed Interventions
Dr. Laura Gitlin develops powerful partnerships in care for the aging. Read article

Johns Hopkins Health - April 1, 2014
For Pain, Sometimes It's Mind Over Matter
Luis Buenaver, Ph.D., links catastrophizing to insomnia. 

Read article

Johns Hopkins Health - April 1, 2014
A Hopeful View on Depression
Margaret Chisolm, M.D., on symptoms and treatment for depression.

Read article

DOME - March 2014
Researcher Target Biomarker for Postpartum Depression
Read online


Johns Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Spring/Summer 2013
Going Deep to Halt Alzheimer's
Read online

Johns Hopkins Magazine - Spring 2013
Psych Secrecy
Read online

Johns Hopkins Gazette - March 2013
Minding the Whole Patient
The Phipps Clinic revolutionized psychiatry by focusing on lives not symptoms
Read online


Johns Hopkins Magazine - Fall 2012
The 90-Year Divide
Nearly a century ago, rival approaches to psychiatry fractured the profession. The grand argument is far from over. A story from the early years of Adolf Meyer’s psychiatry department.
Read online

Johns Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Fall 2012
The Last Word?
The crusade continues for former director, Paul McHugh, M.D., and others to keep the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) from driving patient care.
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Johns Hopkins Medicine Magazine - Winter 2012
Charting a New Course
Geriatric psychiatrist Susan Lehmann says that it is more important than ever to teach future physicians about psychiatric illnesses that afflict the elderly.
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Johns Hopkins Gazette - February 20, 2012
Training the Twitterati
Psychiatrist Meg Chisolm champions social media for medical students
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