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Kay Redfield Jamison

Institutional affiliation: 1987 - Present

Kay Jamison

Kay Redfield Jamison has in her career both deepened and broadened scholarship on manic depressive illness. She added depth when she co-authored the definitive textbook on the subject, and breadth, in her reflections on the lives of prominent artists, scientists, and politicians who have experienced the peaks and valleys of life with manic depressive illness. But a case could be made that her greatest influence has come about through her work of autobiography, An Unquiet Mind. Many famous and a few infamous people have written about their struggles with mood swings. Jamison has been uniquely poised to ground descriptions her own manic and depressive struggles in a perspective fully informed about the science behind them. By “coming out” Jamison has emboldened countless fellow sufferers to come forward for help.

Dean MacKinnon, M.D

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