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Eugene Meyer

Institutional affiliation: 1937-1942, 1946-1982

Eugene Meyer

Eugene Meyer graduated from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine at about the time Adolf Meyer was retiring. He served during World War II, then did a medicine residency, then returned to Hopkins for psychiatric residency at Phipps. During his many subsequent years on the faculty, he focused on the interface of medicine and psychiatry through psychiatric consultation on patients admitted to the medical units.

When Eugene Meyer began his psychiatric career, most of the psychiatric world had veered away from biologically based medicine. Meyer applied principles of psychobiology to the understanding of the emotional problems and disruptive behaviors of patients with medical illness, and the motivations of patients with emotional problems who simulated medical illness. While much of the psychiatric world saw mental suffering as almost an inevitable outcome of the conflict between the appetites of the inner animal and the constraints of civilized living, Johns Hopkins thus grew up as an institution in which mental illness is considered foremost a treatable medical problem.

Dean MacKinnon, M.D.