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A Century of Leaders

Adolf Meyer

Adolf Meyer

Founding Director 1909 - 1941

Meyer was appointed chair of the new Phipps Clinic for its opening in 1913, having established himself in America via his work as a scholar and psychiatrist......more

John Whitehorn

John C. Whitehorn

Director 1941-1960

Whitehorn was well established as a biochemist and physiologist at McLean Hospital outside of Boston..... more

Joel Elkes, M.D.

Joel Elkes

Director 1965-1973

Elkes grew up in Eastern Europe, emigrated to England as a young man, and moved to the United States in his mid-40s...... more

Paul McHugh

Paul McHugh

Director 1975-2001

McHugh trained at Harvard, at the University of London, and at Walter Reed before launching his academic career at Cornell.....more

J Raymond DePaulo

J. Raymond DePaulo. Jr.

Director 2002-Present

Ray DePaulo is the first Hopkins psychiatrist-in-chief and Phipps chair to have been educated at Johns Hopkins...... more


Interim/Brief Terms

A few distinguished individuals have led the department for periods too brief to have had an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on the department in their roles as acting or interim or short-term chairs. They are Jerome Frank (1960-61), Seymour Kety (1961-1962), and William Breakey (Acting 1992-1993)

A Century of Leaders profiles written and assembled by Dean MacKinnon, M.D.